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TSG Viewer

TSG Viewer is a *FREE* version of TSG which allows users to view already processed TSG files from both TSG Pro and TSG Core.  It has been designed for users who do not want to carry out any processing, but who wish to be able to view and plot already processed spectral data for report writing, or for sharing results with other colleagues. 

The main benefits of TSG Viewer include:

Intuitive and friendly TSG user interface designed for exploration, mining and geotechnical industry applications
View already processed field spectral data sets, processed by an expert or colleague
View already processed HyLogging data sets including all linescan image data, processed by an expert or colleague
Export data to other plotting programs
Tray and Hole screens for viewing HyLogging data sets and associated data streams
View your core via the Linescan Image data at different resolutions and formats
Floater screen, up to two floater screens can be displayed including the HyLogging hole mosaic images
Full plotting capabilities for plotting existing data within a TSG file as spectra, down hole logs, scatterplots and histograms
Full graphics capabilities and copy options for copying plots and spectra into reports

The biggest advantage of TSG Viewer is that users can view a complete HyLogging data set and browse click through the linescan, core tray and mosaic images without needing to understand spectral geology or how to use the advanced TSG functions. Ideally, what you have been presented with and can view in the TSG Viewer are the results that have already been processed by a spectral expert who has prepared the data to summarise the main results for your drill hole/project area. 

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